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Chemical Free and Heavy Metal Free.
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If you have issues with your teeth and gums, your toothpaste may be part of the problem! 

Try our new Tooth Salt for yourself! 

Why try an alternative tooth and gum care product? There are dozens of cheap toothpaste brands out there; many bearing impressive looking seals from official looking organizations on the back. Why bother trying to compete with all that product noise? And why would a soap company start making oral care products that do not even contain soap? 

Vermont Soap is in the business of replacing yucky products with yummy ones (not just soap!). Certified Organic Toothbrush Cleaner was our very first oral care product. We reasoned that it's difficult to improve tooth and gum health when one is constantly re-infecting their mouths with the very bacteria that cause tooth decay and gum disease in the first place! 

There are over one trillion bacteria living on your toothbrush right now. Sanitizing your oral care tools after every use is the first step towards retaking control of your oral health. 

Letís talk about toothpastes. The stuff that makes your toothpaste foam is usually SLS; sodium lauryl sulfate. Translation; shampoo base. Yes, you are probably going to brush your teeth with shampoo today. SLS is also a lubricating and emulsifying agent. It helps the paste to stay together and to move through the filling tubes without forming a lot of air pockets. Indeed, SLS is in the toothpaste formulation to help the manufacturer to deliver a more consistent looking product. The foam itself does almost nothing to help actually get your teeth clean.

SLS is a primary skin irritant. That it why it is used to irritate skin for lotion testing. SLS also increases skin permeability over 100 xs. Your gums are just 4 or five layers thick. This means that gum disease is almost impossible to get rid of if one is using SLS based toothpastes* and not sanitizing their toothbrush daily.

So what DO we use to clean our teeth and gums safely and effectively?

Three ingredients stand the test of time; sodium bicarbonate (baking soda), sodium chloride (table salt), and essential oils in small quantities. Sodium Bicarbonate is a simple substance. However, many mass market baking sodas are contaminated with heavy metals such as cadmium.** Tooth Salt uses pure sodium bicarbonate. Hold the metals please!

Tooth Salt contains real sea salt so that you ARE getting minerals that you need, without the heavy metals in forms you donít need. Small quantities of plant based aromatic essential oils are added for freshness, taste and product enhancement.

Instructions: Sprinkle onto a wet toothbrush and go. Tooth Salt has a handy squeeze bottle and twist dispensing cap for ease of use. Brush as normal; Tooth Salt helps to maintain a healthful oral environment for your teeth and gums to flourish in.

Healthy Hint: For thousands of years people have gargled with salt water to aid oral care. Salt water is said to reduce dental bacteria and soothe irritated gum tissues. After brushing your teeth swish the rinse water around in your mouth as long as you can. It will give an extra boost to your oral care regimen!

We began exploring alternative oral care formulas by interviewing elders in their 80ís and 90ís about their practices. We found more than one Vermonter with all (or nearly all) of their teeth in place who used table salt for dentifrice (toothpaste substitute). One woman told us she had started the practice during the Depression when they could not afford the price of commercial tooth care products. ďIt worked so well I just kept on going!Ē she told us. At 88 she still had a great set of (her own) teeth.

The thing is, table salt alone does not whiten teeth and freshen breath. So we went back to our interviews. The majority of non toothpaste users swore by baking soda. None of them were aware of the potential for contamination in some types of baking soda, but all claimed good results. It then became a matter of blending these two ingredients and testing various percentages of each to find the sweet spot. Pure peppermint oil is added to enhance the product and the final result of your (and our) labors.

Thank you for trying Tooth Salt to clean your teeth. It may be different from anything you have used before. We like using Tooth Salt and the results we get. We hope that you do too.

All the Best, Larry Plesent and the Soap Crew

*Dr. Bente Brokstad Herlofson Department of Oral Surgery and Oral Medicine University of Oslo, Norway

** Determination of Copper, Iron, Lead, Cadmium, Cobalt and Nickel by Atomic Absorption Spectrometry in Baking Powder and Baking Soda Samples after Pre-concentration and Separation Journal of Food and Drug Analysis, Vol. 10, No. 3, 2002, Pages 188-194
Sea salt, USP Sodium Bicarbonate, Peppermint Oil
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