Vermont Soap is a major importer of bulk organic unrefined shea butter into the USA.

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OUR Shea Butter Is The Only Latex Reduced Organic Shea Butter Available In The USA!

Our unique “Polishing” process removes most of the latex while pasteurizing, homogenizing and filtering the butter for your safety and tactile pleasure!

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20lb Box of Organic Shea Butter

20lb Box of Organic Shea Butter

20lb box is great for mid-sized crafting projects. Same great organic shea butter!
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Natural Shea Butter 44lb Bag in a Box

Natural Shea Butter 44lb Bag in a Box

IN STOCK! We now have 100% Natural Village Made Shea Butter. This is completely natural but not certified organic.
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Organic Shea Butter 44lb Bag in a Box

Organic Shea Butter 44lb Bag in a Box

IN STOCK! This is completely natural, unrefined shea butter and carries USDA NOP organic certification.
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In January and February of 2004, my wife Sandy Lincoln, traveled with me to a village near Tamale, in the Northern Region of Ghana. There, we studied the hand processing of shea butter, a natural oil used for cosmetic and food purposes in the Savannah areas of West Africa. Because it is solid at room temperature, this natural nut oil has acquired the moniker of shea "butter". Sandy and I traveled extensively through the nearby country of Guinea, teaching and studying the uses and production of shea butter. We visited 11 villages in our journeys, none made shea butter of the quality and consistency made by our co-op.

The Savannahs of Africa are harsh and dry. Water is scarce, and there is only one rainy growing season. Villagers who used shea butter as a daily skin application had smooth, wrinkle free skin well into their 70's. Those who did not, well, it was very obvious. Based on what we saw in two countries, villagers who use organic shea butter on their skin every day looked 20 years younger than their counterparts who did not. They also had fewer skin fungus infections and the scaly "dermatose", so common in that part of the world (especially in non soap making villages).

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Organic, unrefined shea butter differs dramatically from the hexane solvent refined product commonly sold throughout the United States and Europe. Solvent refining strips the shea butter of it's natural vitamins and healing properties. Carotene and alantoin are just two of the healing factors found in natural shea butter (and missing from solvent refined mass market products). Only properly made shea butter is suitable for proper use as a hydrolyzing skin treatment. We also use a proprietary process to remove the naturally occurring latex, and are the exclusive source for shea butter of this type.

We recommend applying shea butter at night, so it has time to soak into the skin. Use as lip balm, ointment, salve base, soap additive, bug repelling candle base (so we were told - you will have to test this one for yourself).

Useful for burns, all dry and irritated skin conditions (except for Poison Ivy, Oak etc., which contain irritating oils that need to be removed with Tea Tree Castile Liquid Soap). Recommended for wrinkle smoothing and prevention, and for the treatment of sun damaged skin.

Our 4lb containers of Shea butter come in a plastic pail, and the 55lb size comes as a bag-in-a-box. To remove the shea from the container it can be cut or scooped. Melting the shea can be done slowly in a double boiler, or microwave. Be careful not to burn your shea! Stir it up by hand, and pour into smaller containers for later use.

Add essential oils or herbal infused oils to alter the scent and properties of the shea. Use beeswax to emulsify oils into the shea, and to raise the melt point. 1/3 beeswax 1/3 shea and 1/3 herbal infused oil is a good starting point if you are experimenting with making you own balms and salves. Essential oils are used at 2-3% of the total typically.

It is possible to whip the shea butter with a blending device, or by hand, just before it sets up. This helps to create a creamy texture. Shea butter can be re-melted several times, but it becomes tired if you let it melt and solidify too many times.

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